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Is PCH Sweepstakes Real?

Publishers Clearing House (PCH) is a direct marketing company that has been around since 1953. They are best known for their magazine subscriptions and sweepstakes games. Over the years, PCH has come under fire for being a scam. Is PCH…

How To Win A Brand New Car

How To Win A Brand New Car

One thing we know from running a sweepstakes directory service is that there are certain prizes that are super popular. Car sweepstakes are among the most in-demand prizes that there are and that means if you want to be a…

Are Omaze Giveaways Real?

Are Omaze Giveaways Real

If there’s one thing every sweeper knows it’s that the prizes, that Omaze says they give away in order to raise cash for good causes, are amazing! But is Omaze legit and could you be an Omaze winner one day…

26 Best Sweepstakes Websites

Top 26 Best Sweepstakes Websites

No matter what prize category you’re looking to pick up some free prizes from, we’ve got you covered here. Our list of the best sweepstakes websites is the ultimate sweepstakes directory and we’re confident that you can trust these sites…