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Top 12 Best Books About Sweepstakes, Giveaways & Contests

Do you want to be the winner of a sweeps or two? Are you tired of seeing each entry form bringing you no closer to that big win? Want tips on how to get the prizes?

Then you need a good book to navigate the journey of becoming a giveaway god. The good news is that you too can become a person whose life is full of prizes, you just need the help of these awesome authors! Check them out.

Our Favorite New Books To Help You Win Prizes

You Can’t Win if You Don’t Enter by Carolyn Wilman

You Can't Win If You Don't Enter

Carolyn is one of the big new authors in this field and if you want to win contests and sweeps, she’s the ultimate guide for beginners (and even old hands will learn something from this awesome book).

Find online here.

The Luck Factor – The Four Essential Principles by Richard Wiseman

The Luck Factor

This clever book helps readers examine giveaways with science and see how they can develop strategies to boost their luck by working within the rules of any given website. It’s an absolutely compelling read too.

Find online here or here.

The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio by Terry Ryan

Terry Ryan has been where you are and her mother uses giveaways to keep the wolves in her lives at bay too. Every possible tip and tick on this subject has been tested and examined for its value here.

Find online here or here.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

The Secret

Yes, we know that reviews tend to be of two minds about this book – it’s a love it or loathe it thing. But we can’t leave out one of the most successful books in history related to improving your luck, either.

Find online here or here.

How To Win Cash, Cars, Trips & More!: 2nd Edition | You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter by Carolyn Wilman

How to Win Cash, Cars, Trips, & More

This cheap book is from our favorite author, Carolyn Wilman and it’s focused exclusively on how you win big-ticket items. If you want a free car or house… this is the way to go about it. Make the internet work for you!

Find online here or here.

The Expert Guide to Winning Sweepstakes: Sweepstakes, Contests, Games & Prize Promotion Handbook by Jeffrey Feinman

The Expert Guide to Winning Sweepstakes

There’s a lot of fluff in this book but when you get to the meat of things, there’s also a lot of value. We’d suggest reading this if you have a particular prize you’re desperate to win and want to figure out a strategy to get hold of it.

Find online here or here.

SuperLucky Secrets: 100 tips for winning competitions, contests, and sweepstake by Di Coke

SuperLucky Secrets

Having won nearly $500,000 of free stuff from giveaways there’s no doubt in our minds that Di Coke knows exactly what she’s doing. Her advice also sounds like it comes from one of our friends and that makes it much easier to take too.

Find online here.

Sweepstakes MILLIONAIRE: How to Win a Life of Luxury through Sweepstakes by Jonathan Wyka-Warzecha

Sweepstakes Millionaire

We are not entirely convinced that the author of this book has used giveaway rules to land himself a million but there are plenty of sound strategies in this book and that’s all we need for a book to make it to our list. We’ve won a few things ourselves following Jonathan’s advice too.

Find online here or here.

How to Make Money Winning Sweepstakes and Contests by J Louis

How to make money winning sweepstakes & contests

If you want a short guide for a very few dollars outlay then this is well worth considering. It’s only 58 pages long, but it has much less fluff than some other books in our review here and we think it will repay your investment in just a few weeks if you follow the rules inside.

Find online here or here.

Contest Guru’s Guide To Winning Sweepstakes by Melanie Rockett

Contest Guru's Guide to Winning Sweepstakes

This user friendly guide to big-ticket giveaways is a joy to read and we suspect if you play along, you’ll soon join Melanie in the winner’s club.

Find online here.

Win What You Want – The SweepsterCoach Guide To Winning Sweepstakes by Carol Kupyn

Win What You Want

This is a short, straightforward and cheap Kindle only read that touches on the main points of winning but it could use a bit more information and we would be fine if the price went up to reflect that.

Find online here.

What’s Luck Got To Do With It?: How To Use Strategy To Improve Your Chances of Winning Sweepstakes, Contests, and Lotteries by Margaret Norton

Margaret is a keen “sweeper” and regular winner of giveaways. She shares her experiences and insights here to great effect.

Find online here.

Final Thoughts On The Greatest Books About Sweeps

Best Books about Sweepstakes

No matter what kind of giveaway you’re hoping to win, you need to learn the secrets of giveaways to maximize your chances to win.

These authors will make sure that you get the kind of results you’re hoping for as long as you put in the hard work and keep entering giveaway after giveaway. The potential rewards are limitless if you do!