Baby Monitor Sweepstakes

WINNER is Heidi
(check your email or contact us if your name is Heidi. You may have won!)


A baby monitor is a great investment for parents who want to ensure that their baby is safe while they are in a different room. They are ideal if you have a house where you need to keep the doors closed due to pets or noise, or if you have a big house and you simply can’t hear. Hear your child even when you’re in another room, and rest assured you’ll know when they need you with the DM111 Audio Baby Monitor. Now you can have a peace of mind knowing you can hear your baby’s needs.

If you’d like to see it – check it out here on Amazon.

We love Project Mom. It’s the best website for moms and kids on the Internet. Daily giveaways, great free stuff and much more. Check them out because they’re sponsoring today’s prize and then Enter Now.

Rememberall Prizewise sweepstakes are Daily Entry and only last for 30 days. So enter early and enter often to increase your chances. And SHARE to receive BONUS ENTRIES!


11 thoughts on “Baby Monitor Sweepstakes”

  1. I am Jonathon hudelson, and I am from Twin Falls Idaho, and I enter and win sweepstakes, and I have been doing this for going on 18 years and I have not yet won any sweepstakes from this company but can not win if you do not enter and that’s what is what I do . Love to win

  2. OK, I’ve found it. It was a Gourmet Blender and for some reason it was returned to us. I will re-order it right now on Amazon, give me one minute, and I’ll give you an order number for it.
    Gourmia blender was notified I won on Sept 4
    Oh, please can I get your telephone number for the order.
    I am sorry Sapt 5
    Hello, so good to hear that I won. I am at my wkend lazy look best, so I’ll def senf a pic of my kitty.
    Sandra Richard, 1850 Mount Holly Rd., Rock Hill, South Carolina 29730
    Sandra-8033285563 or 8033577749
    This is Neville, and he is the man, He says ‘thank you’ from us!
    Do you want me to copy & paste the dates
    No, it’s all OK – I’ve just reordered that… and assuming Amazon do their bit, it should be with you on December 5th. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
    And I would like it if you would make this up to me by sending me something for a baby, along with the blender
    I am sorry Sandra, I don’t have authority to do that but I will escalate that to management for you.
    As you see I did my part! And I emailed you so many times, before I just felt as if I had been wronged
    I completely understand your frustration and on behalf of the Prizewise team, I apologize. We’ll do better in future. I promise.
    Yes, I would think someone with your co could make this right. So I could change my reviews etc
    I appreciate your apologies but the promise means nothing to me after all this
    Thank you, Sandra
    And please let me know all tomorrow. Your name pleaseee?
    I’m Nigel. I’ll let you know tomorrow.
    No way as Amazon delivers here on the time. I think You Nigel or a supervisor should comtact Amazon. I won the prize from you all. Besides how could you write that when you didn’t know what I won until I finallu told you

  3. I need you to please delete my personal info above. I’m not sure how it got there, I am assuming I messed up when copying and pasting my msgs to you all. I think you would gladly take it off, and I ask again>please, Sandra

  4. I want to thank PrizeWise for getting my Gourmia Blender to me in such short order. Once I brought it to your attention re this website, the blender was here in a few days. If you would please delete all these comments, including the one with my info, I would appreciate it. Esp delete the one with my personal info. I wrote a good review under the Gourmia contest I entered, so please delete these. Sincerely, Sandra

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