Kettle Chips Sweepstakes

WINNER is Joyce!
(check your email or contact us if your name is Joyce. You may have won!)

This sweepstake was SUPER popular last month so here it is again! Kettle Chips are my absolute favorite snack of all time! Put me in a room with these bad boys and some Nora Ephron movies and I’m a happy camper! I just ordered 2 of these packs for myself! See Prize Here.

With Kettle Potato Chips you can enjoy eating outside the box. In this case, twelve bags of snappy Jalapeno, and a half dozen each of Backyard Barbecue, Sea Salt and New York Cheddar. All of these (not just the last) are sure to give you a taste experience you won’t forget about. It’s a 30 bag variety pack picnic.

Remember – all Prizewise sweepstakes are Daily Entry and only last for 30 days. So enter early and enter often to increase your chances. And SHARE to receive BONUS ENTRIES!


109 thoughts on “Kettle Chips Sweepstakes”

    1. theresa PHALEN

      I love these chips and would like to have them on hand for my grand-children, but I cannot afford them on social security.

  1. To the contest for writers thank you for giving me the opportunity to maybe be the winner of y’all jackpot prize I am hoping and praying if I am so blessed to win that you please in contact me at 3824 Catalpa Street East Chicago Indiana zip code 46312 the only reason I asked you to contact me in this way I do not affiliate myself with Facebook tweet Snapchat or any of those sites so I’m asking you I’m begging you if I be the one in please contact me at my mailing address thank you so much

  2. Does anyone else LOVE the Pepperocini kettle Chips as much as I do? Probably not, I have picture evidence! Lol 🙂

  3. Sharon Jeanguenat

    These are my favorite chips of all of the chips on the market. I usually get the 40% less fat ones, & they satisfy my chip craving without adding a lot of extra fat to my diet!

  4. The best Dame chips on this planet. Unique in flavor texture and crunch hands down better then Frito-Lay or any of the other big name brands. To deny or turn down a kettle chip is an insult to your body. They shouldn’t call it Kettle chip no more they should call it best damn Kettle chip This Side of the Moon Blown Away competition thank you

  5. This would be great i3grandsonsand alotof times I make chips from potato peels and we love them but these chips would be wonderful treat to have for them for school lunch and to have around Nanas house so here’s to savings me peeling if you pick me for the win and 3 happy boys if I dothank you.

  6. GeneMae Reams

    Want to win the potatoes chips I hope that they are not batting because i,m on a diet love,gene

  7. Melinda Barlow

    I am not getting daily entry point on this prize. It is the only one acting up. What gives? Ideas, anyone?

    1. Tracy Crossley

      Me either I’m not getting my daily entry either on this one I don’t know why but it’s the only one that doesn’t work i hope they fix it

        1. Tracy Crossley

          Wasn’t right to pick a winner when I couldn’t get 1 entry in for the whole 30 days just the 10 extra entries but didn’t get a single daily entry at all

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